The longitudinal jointing machine MOD. G.L.C. 1200 allows a perfect jointing of two veneer sheets in one operation by using a patentedsystem for the glue application.
Indeed, the Longitudinal Glue Jointing machine MOD. G.L.C. 1200 we produce, is equipped with two tanks for the mass glue application. This innovation grants high quality and high jointing finishing since the glue is simultaneously applied on both edges to be jointed.

The advantages of this type of glue processing are the following:
1_higher working speed (the machine can reach a speed of 35/40 mt/min with some wood types.)
2_In case, for any reason, no glue is applied on one of the two edges, the jointing is anyway granted since the glue is applied on the other edge as well.
3_A high resistant jointing is granted by applying the glue on both edges, since the two sheets are jointed with glue to glue and not with glue to wood.


Technical characteristics 
Veneer sheet dimensions
Thicknessmm 0.4-2
Min. Length mm 360
Min. Widthmm 45
Max. Widthmm 1200
Technical Characteristics
Heating area length mm 1200
Heating temperature fino a 240°
Transport speed10-40 m/min
Glue typeUREA
Power connection6 Kw
Voltage400 V / 50 Hz
Machine dimensions
Lengthmm 2600
Widthmm 2000
Heightmm 800
Machine WeightKg. 2000