The Polishing Machine MODEL S.L.2 is designed for polishing of plane panels finished with polyester and polyurethane or with other types of paint. The machine is also used for polishing water based paints employed in some European countries.
The rugged welded steel structure of the machine guarantees its stability and a long working life.

The machine is composed of a mobile table and of two polishing rolls mounted on the fixed structure and which are made up of cotton disks. One roll is perpendicular to the working direction while the second roll has an inclination of 10°. This enables the second roll to remove the processing marks left on the panel by the first roll. The two rolls have a swinging movement perpendicular to the panels to be processed. This system has been designed to grant a higher finishing quality.

The polishing with two rolls requires furthermore less passages and grants a consequent raise of production. 


Technical Characteristics 
Working lengthmm.3000
Working widthmm.1300
Working heightmm.100
Roll diametermm.350
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