This two-blade cutting machine is fully automatic and is equipped with a monitor with PLC to control all comands and machining cycles.
All the operator has to do is position the veneer pack to be processed and select the cutting size. The computer works out the cutting measurement, exploiting the maximum width of the veneer pack.
The entire surface of the veneer packs is compressed by a massive pressure pad. The two blades simultaneously trim the pack to the measurement set. An electronic-hydraulic control unit helps ensure perfect parallelism between the surface and the pressure pad, guaranteeing high machining precision and reducing working times and costs.

Emme-Elle hydraulic cutting machines are among the most respected on the market. This respect is based on the excellent quality on the materials used, easy operation, high cutting speed, high working precision, and robust structure which both extends working life and also guarantees the stability of machine itself.
The cutting machines are equipped with all the safety devices specified in current accident-prevention standards, with anti-repeat push-buttons, safety guards and photoelectric barriers level 4.
Thanks to the company’s long experience in the sector and ongoing reserch into modern materials, Emme-Elle cutting machines are kept constantly up-to-date to satisfy the customer’s every requirement.


Technical Characteristics TO2 2600TO2 2800TO2 3200TO2 3600TO2 4000
Cut length 1° and 2° blademm26502850325036504050
Cut height mm9090909090
Minimum cutting width mm1010101010
Maximum cutting widthmm520-620-720520-620-720520-620-720520-620-720520-620-720
Oleodynamic pump motorHP1515151515
Bench movement power motor HP22,5333
Working pressureBar80-10080-10080-10080-10080-100
Total weightKg.83009000100001100012000
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