This machine finds application for sanding rough, veneered and coated panels. Sanding is performed by two cross belts and electronic pad with 40 or 80 segments. This arrangement offers a superior finish above all when sanding glossy panels.

The belts are kept cleaned by two rotating blast nozzles which ensure better cleaning than the classic in-line blast systems, thus ensuring improved duration of the sanding belt and consistently high standard of finish throughout the belt lifespan

The two electronic pads are controlled directly from the operator panel where it is also possible to preset all the work parameters of the pads as well as to memorize the work programs and control each motor manually if necessary. A photoelectric barrier installed at the entrance is able to detect the shape of the panels and to control the various segments of the pads.

Thanks to this barrier the machine is also able to work glazed products.

The machine can work both in the forward and return movements of the workpiece. Hence it can be used either in-line or by a single operator. 

The conveyor belt of the machine consists of a perforated rubber mat provided with a suction system which together with the 6 hold-down rolls ensures that the panel is kept firmly in place during sanding

The rugged electrically welded steel machine construction allows maximum stability of the machine during sanding and ensures long life.

The machine can be equipped with a mixed nylon and tampico brush on the rear side for easy removal of any sanding dust remaining on the panel during the work phase. 

The brush is provided with a suction hood for dust removal.


Technical Characteristics 
Working widthmm.1300
Working heightmm.150
Two pads40/80 segments
Size of segmented pressure beltmm.6480
Size of abrasive beltmm.8500
Overall widthmm.4300
Overall lengthmm.2350
Overall heightmm.1600